Leros Island offers a lot of unique routes and locations where you can visit either via car or boat. Below we present the most important excursions.

Via Car

  • Starting from Lakki, there are a lot of spots for relaxation, swimming, hiking and cycling towards the areas Merikia and Katsouni. In that area you will be able to find many isolated gulfs ideal for swimming, diving and fishing. Also, you will be able to observe the scattered remains of Italian buildings of World War II. At the heights of Gerakas and Patela, in Katsouni area, you will find the remains of the Italian fortifications and the bases of antiaircraft cannons.
  • A popular area worth visiting is the Chapel of Agios Isidoros. This small chapel is located in a small islet that is connected to Leros with a long corridor built on the sea. From that point you can enjoy stunning views over the gulf of Gourna as well as towards the Aegean Sea. In addition, the area is recommended for those who want to enjoy unique sunsets.
  • At the north side of the Island, at Partheni area, there are a lot of places to visit. The most important among them are the ancient stronghold, which probably was the temple of Goddess Diana. At a southern point, at the area of Agia Kioura, do not forget to visit the famous Church in which the wall paintings have been made by political exiles during the period of dictatorship in Greece.
  • At the southernmost point of Leros, at the area of Xerokampos, a little Chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary is waiting for you. The Chapel is right next to the sea and built into the rocks. The name of the Chapel is Panagia Kavouradena. This excursion can be combined with a visit at the prehistoric sight Paleokastro that you can find at a height when entering the area of Xerokampos.


Via Sea

For those who have a boat, the Island of Leros seems to be a paradise. This is because there are a lot of beaches with sea access only as well as a lot of Islands and Islets around.

  • The Island Archagelos is the biggest of the small Islands around Leros. It is on a very short distance from Partheni area and is recommended for swimming and food.
  • The Islet of Agia Kiriaki has a small white Chapel on it. The Islet is just opposite the areas of Panteli and Vromolithos.
  • The most famous beach with sea access only is called Krifos beach. It is located right next to Dio Liskaria beach. All around the Island of Leros you can find a lot of isolated beaches with sea access only.
  • For the small Islands north of Leros i.e. Marathi, White Islands, Tiganakia and Lipsi there is an option of half-day cruise. The tourist boats are departing every day during summer season and each day the schedule is different.