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Journeys are unique and unforgettable based on the experiences and memories that create. Today’s travellers are looking for experiences more than the “must-see” places listed in tourist guides. A modern traveller is interested in getting an insider’s knowledge on the place, hear sounds, smell and enjoy flavours, feel the atmosphere and participate. In other words, a modern traveller wants to feel like a local!

This is our philosophy in gotoleros.gr . Through unique, authentic, experiential life experiences and through the contact with local people who live and work in Leros, visitors have the opportunity to participate in experiences that the Island of Leros has to offer. These activities are to be found into 4 categories, following a pattern of psychological needs. Humans need food, creation, rest and leisure. Accordingly, we have created activities and experiences in the following categories: Eat, Create, Relax and Play.

EAT: This category includes 4 gastronomic experiences such as vineyard visit and wine tasting, traditional pastry class, traditional and Greek cooking class as well as a specially designed picnic experience with exquisite traditional and local dishes.

CREATE: This category includes the experience of participating in a creative driftwood souvenir workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to learn techniques and create their own personalized souvenir with driftwoods collected from the Aegean Sea.

RELAX: This category includes 3 relaxing and rejuvenating services. Particular attention is given to tourists who travel with their own boat and can experience the “Wellness On Board” service.

PLAY: This category includes round trips and half-day cruises to the nearby small islands where visitors can swim and enjoy islands such as Lipsi, Aspronisia, Tiganakia, Arki and more. The tours included in this category will be announced and will be available after Easter.

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  1. Branscom

    September 22, 2018

    Great site. A lot of beneficial data the following kumpulan vlogger terfavorit. I’m giving the item in order to many pals ans also revealing around delectable. Not to mention, appreciate it in the work!

  2. John

    March 8, 2020

    Thank you for the article! Leros island is a hidden gem that only a few know. I visited last year, and I can’t wait to go again!

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