Leros Island is located in the South-East Aegean, in the North part of Dodecanese.  It covers a total area of 53 km2 and it has 8000 inhabitants. Leros is also known as the Island of Goddess Diana (Artemis). The Island took its name from the ancient Greek word “leros”, meaning smooth and flat. It forms an ideal destination for every visitor, in any season since it combines an exquisite natural beauty and a lot of activities.

The atmospheric alleys, idyllic beaches, a plethora of historical and other sights and traditional villages makes the Island as one of the most picturesque destinations. Every visitor is charmed by the colours, sounds, flavours and the smell of the Island, but above all from the authentic hospitality of the people.

The Island of Leros is a perfect destination for those who like history and architecture. During the Italian occupation, a lot of impressive buildings were built, perfectly arranged road system based on the Italian architecture and a whole new city, the Porto Lago or Lakki. It is worth to mention that Lakki has the biggest natural port in the Mediterranean Sea. Leros has a long, brave and impressive historical past. The Island’s long course and critical presence during World War II forms an incentive for every visitor who wants to see war and historic sights.



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