In 1930, the, then, governor, Mario Lago, built churches, turning to the A.M.F.I. (National organisation of Italian missions) for financing.
This was achieved in 1935, and it is at that time that construction of the church of Saint Francis, later renamed Aghios Nikolaos, begun.
It was designed by architect A. Bernaditi.
Naturally, in 1930, another design had been proposed, but was rejected as being too eclectic.
The new designs are modern and completely cubist.
The works were completed in 1939.
The material selected is luxurious.  Wood, onyx and metal were used.
The religious services were performed, in Leros, by military priests, lieutenant Igino Lega and Ascanio Micheloni, especially, Father Igino Lega
The church of Saint Francis was bombarded, same as the rest of Leros.