The peculiar morphology of Leros is suitable for those who like mountain bike. All over the Island one can follow either asphalted or mountain routes. During your cycling experience you can enjoy stunning views and discover the natural beauty of Leros. Below you can find some recommended routes.


Recommended Routes



680μ.EasyThe path starts from the area of Katsouni before the hunters’ church and finishes at the lighthouse.

The route was opened in 2017 from the Greek Island Hopping and the Italian Trail Brothers.

Vagia2.5 kmEasyThe route starts from the area of Kamaraki and finishes at Lakki port.

The cyclists are passing through a pine forest.

Agios Nikolaos Meraloudis3,5kmMedium ++The route starts from the area of Smalou where the cyclists in downhill motion finishe the route at Saint Isidoros.
Patela2,5kmMediumThe path starts from Lakki towards the area of Merikia. The finishing is the Italian aerophone.

The route is a combination of upward and downward cycling.

Skoumparda4kmDifficultThe route starts from Agios Fanourios at Xerokampos area towards “ntamari” of Xerokampos.

It is characterized as difficult since the cyclists finish the route at the 2nd highest point of the island.

Castle499 stepsDifficultThe route starts from the Castle at Panteli and finishes at Platanos.

The route consists of 499 steps.