Leros is an ideal island for marriages and christenings. The island’s natural beauty combined with tranquillity will compose the perfect setting for organizing a beautiful ceremony.


The island has several options that can meet your needs. The Church of Agios Isidoros is perhaps the most idyllic church Dodecanese. It is located in Kokkalis area on a small island which is connected with Leros with a long corridor in the sea. This small church has a courtyard which you can use for a small reception after the ceremony. Another idyllic church is located on the islet of Agia Kyriaki. The church is located opposite of Panteli and Vromolithos. By choosing this church, the most beautiful day of your life will become even more special, as you and your guests will have to travel there with a traditional boat, since the access to the church is only via sea.


Choosing a church is not an easy task since it depends on the style and character that you want to give on this special day. Agia Marina is a magnificent church in the centre of the homonymous district. It has a large courtyard and enables you to host your guests in one of the most picturesque and lively areas of the island. Another option is the St. Nicholas Church. It is located in Lakki and considers being a sample Italian architecture. This church is impressive, large and in a central part of the island. Another option that combines beautiful landscape and magnificence is and Leros Patriarchate. Located in the Alinda area on a hillside above the sea and offers beautiful views.


In what regards the castle there are 2 options. The Prophet Elias Church is perhaps one of the most beautiful churches on the island. The uniqueness of panoramic views captivates all visitors. You can access the church by road and also by following the steps from Platanos leading to the Castle. Another option is the Church of Holy Mary of the Castle. The Church is located in Leros Castle and by choosing it you give an extra sense of historical and religious character in the ceremony. Your guests can also enjoy great views.