Octopus in Red Wine



1-2 kg octopus

1 medium-size cup of olive oil

2 medium-size cups of red wine

1 medium-size onion

1 spoon of tomato paste (or few fresh tomatoes)





From the night before cooking, place the octopus in a pot with water in order to make it softer and easier to use. The day after, cut the octopus into medium to large size pieces and place it in a pot alongside with the olive oil. After that, cut the onion into medium size pieces and place them into the pot as well. Let the octopus to sauté for some minutes. When you understand that the octopus is ready, it is time to add the red wine.

To continue, add the tomato paste, a cup of water, salt and pepper. Close your pot and let it simmered up until you realize that the sauce inside the pot is very little. However, if during the boiling process it is necessary to add water into the pot, you are free to do that.

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