Pounces with raisins



1kg raisins

1 cup of sesame

1kg of soft flour

2 eggs

Little butter

Olive oil


½ cup of grinded toast

Little nutmeg





For the filling:

Put the raisins in medium warm water to make them soft and then grind them or cut them into smaller pieces. Then roast the sesame seeds and break into smaller pieces the nutmeg. Add some cinnamon and mix all the ingredients together until the mixture thickens.

For the dough:

In a bowl, add the flour and a little salt. Then put the eggs, a little butter, oil and vinegar. Mix all of our materials with the addition of warm water. When we have our dough ready, roll the sheet into small pieces and add a tablespoon of the filling. Follow the same procedure until you finish the filling that you already prepared. Finally, place your pounces in the oven over medium heat.

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