Traditional Leros’ Cheese-pie



1 farina flour

1 yogurt


1 Leros cheese

8-10 eggs

Little cinnamon

Little sesame

Little sunflower oil

1 mizithra Leros’ cheese



For the Stuffing

From the previous day we grind the cheese and mizithra cheese in a bowl and put 5 eggs. Continue by mixing well until the mixture thickens. After that, place the bowl in the fridge for the whole day. The next day, pour the remaining eggs and mix well.


For the Dough

In a bowl add the butter, flour and the yogurt. Mix up your ingredients until the creation of dough. Then by the use of oil prepare the baking tins and cover them with dough. In the middle, place the stuffing that you already prepared and add some cinnamon and sesame on the top. Follow the same procedure until your dough and stuffing finish.  When you are ready, put the pies in the oven at 150-170 degrees for about an hour.


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